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You can contribute to WeBSurg, which means that you can send us your minimally invasive surgery videos in your specialty to be published on WeBSurg. Your videos are most welcome to further complete our extensive educational resource.

You're not a video editing expert? No problem! Send us the video of your surgical procedure and we'll take care of the editing for you for free!

Only WeBsurg members can contribute.
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The quality of the video should be good enough, and it should be scientifically relevant.

Videos should be sent along with a written narrative for the operation, which will be used by us to perform the voice over. A clinical abstract of 250 words or less is also required, as well as author names and photos.
In order to send us your videos, all you have to do is fill in the form.

The narrative should be divided into several key steps, with a title for each step is divided in several key steps "case history", "patient set-up", etc.) with their associated times in the video.


Anyone can contribute to our website. No matter where you are in the world, and who you work for - whether you're a healthcare professional or an industrial: if you have a new technique to share, a new instrument you would like to display - we are open to all contributions. This is your opportunity to share your expertise with a great number of surgeons.


It is easy, fast, and free. Publishing your work on the world's number 1 minimally invasive surgery website is a great opportunity for you to share your expertise and your techniques with the rest of the world, exchange with world-renowned surgeons and healthcare professionals, and become part of the world's largest online community of surgeons. We put our contributors in the limelight by sharing their publications with our 370 000 members, including through our newsletter which is sent to all of our members every month.

Once you have submitted your video to WeBSurg, you can still use your video for your presentations and congresses. WeBSurg provides its contributors with statistics - this allows you to know how much of an impact your video has on our members. WeBSurg will communicate on video.


Videos submitted to us are sent to a peer-review committee. This committee decides if the video can be published. This decision depends on the quality of the video and on its scientific relevance. We remain at your disposal throughout this process to inform you on the status of your video.

Should your video not be accepted for publication, you would be given an explanation and you would obviously be more than welcome to send us more videos for a potential publication.


You can either send us the edited video, or send us your footage and let our audiovisual team take care of the editing.
Here is what the video structure would look like :

  • 01.
    5 - 10 sec
    Title of the film
  • 02.
    5 - 10 sec
    List of authors
    Author names and their titles (MD, PhD, etc.)
  • 03.
    5 - 10 sec
    Clinical case
    Patient age and gender, clinical and medical history, surgical indications... Views of CT-scans, MRI or other diagnostic tools.
  • 04.
    5 - 10 sec
    Patient, trocar, and operating staff position.
  • 05.
    < 15 min
    English video written narrative with a full description of the surgical procedure and of the postoperative outcomes.
  • 06.
    5 - 10 sec