Argonaute 3D

Broadband Technology Serving The Medical Community

Share patients' medical records in real time for in-depth analysis

A new experimental application known as Argonaute 3D makes it possible to share patients' medical records in real time for in-depth analysis and enhanced preparation of optimum surgical strategies.

Following the success in 2001 of Operation Lindbergh - the world's first transatlantic telesurgical procedure - France Telecom and IRCAD (Institute for Research into Cancer of the Digestive System) are continuing their partnership with the creation of the Argonaute 3D experimental platform. Argonaute 3D lets medical professionals at different geographic locations analyze and work together on a patient's medical records with 3D elements in real time in order to determine the optimal possible strategy for surgery...
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The World Summit Award was given to IRCAD (Research Institute for Cancer of the Digestive System) in the e-health category on Wednesday 10th December, during the World Summit on the Information Society organised in the framework of the United Nations. It rewards the « Argonaute 3D » project developed by IRCAD in partnership with France Télécom...
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