Inauguration of HD links

between the New University Hospital and IRCAD

May 15, 2008

The inauguration of the HD link between the New University Hospital and the IRCAD took place Thursday 15th of May 2008 at the IRCAD.

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Documentary credits: IRCAD
Numerous officials took the opportunity to discover first-hand the full extent of the benefits brought about by this new technology. They were shown the new HD system for training in digestive and cancer surgery, the set-up of the international ''IRCAD'' network (Strasbourg, Taiwan, Buenos Aires and Dubai), and of course the new ''intelligent OR1'' operating room, the department of Virtual Reality dedicated to automatic 3D reconstructions of patient anatomy, and a tour of WeBSurg, the Internet's very own university dedicated to laparoscopic surgery.

The broadcasting of surgical procedures live to the IRCAD's lecture rooms, to congress rooms internationally and through WeBSurg.com, are key elements of the institute's success. These need the latest and most efficient technology to be associated with a skilled surgical team.

The opening of the New University Hospital has imposed the implementation of new connections between the IRCAD and the New University Hospital to allow for an automatic management of the smart operating rooms. The new fiber optics between the operating rooms and the IRCAD's high tech control room has allowed this transition to high-definition images, ensuring once again that the IRCAD and Strasbourg's Teaching Hospitals are world leaders when it comes to using the latest communication technologies.
This geographical and technological evolution coincides with:
  • The creation of the Competitive Pole with its world-wide scope and the development of a transgastric operative technique (Anubis Project, first project to be labelled by the pole)
  • The creation of the digestive surgical pole at the New University Hospital, that brings together gastro-enterologists and digestive surgeons to allow for a minimally invasive multidisciplinary approach and an optimal management of patients in a fast-track fashion.
  • The creation at the IRCAD of multiple international schools that train 3500 surgeons from all around the world each year: the European Institute of TeleSurgery (EITS), the European Association for Transluminal Surgery (EATS), the International School of Robotic Surgery (ISROS).
  • The international expansion of the IRCAD that will allow simultaneous teaching of minimally invasive surgery from Strasbourg to the ASIA IRCAD (opening in Taiwan on the 26th of May 2008), to the IRCAD in Buenos Aires (opening in 2009) and to the IRCAD in Dubai (opening in 2010).
To take on this technological challenge, the IRCAD team joined forces with professionals of the audiovisual technologies and with its industrial partners in order to define and conceive interactive operating and endoscopic rooms equipped with the latest technology.
The global costs of the construction of three smart operating rooms, HD audiovisual links and the control room amounts to 3.7 million euros. The project was funded by the IRCAD and its private partners, as well as by the local governing bodies.